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Reiki Training and the Degrees 

"I found my 1st Degree Reiki attunement experience to be very beneficial, I would go as far as to say that it has changed my life - how I live, think and feel. I am much more aware of the impact of my everyday actions on my own well-being and how my actions affect those around me.

Not only do I feel more energised and focussed but I am more sensitive to the feelings and moods of others.

And of course the bonus is now I can treat myself as well as my family, my children and even my dogs enjoy their treatments!

Initially I thought the cleansing period would be hard but after my session with my Reiki Master it was like she'd flicked a switch in my head, my body could sense the things I wasn't supposed to have. Even the smell of alcohol was suddenly unappealing!  

I have kept a journal of my progress and it is remarkable to look back and read about my experiences after my first attunement. I am really looking forward to learning more about Reiki and to my next attunement to 2nd Degree."

Weiley Chen Walter, 1st Degree Reiki  

The Reiki Degree System 

The Reiki System is usually taught in 3 or 4 levels or 'Degrees'. Courses to obtain these degrees vary depending on the Reiki Master Teacher or the school of Reiki that you are studying. Periods of time between achieving each degree varies also, from one month to two years in between degrees. Most courses start with an 'attunement' which is a kind of initiation or introduction of the student to Reiki energy with the help of the Master Teacher or Sensei. Courses will include theory and practice of Reiki, it's history, uses and limitations. Well presented courses should also give advice on professional conduct and client consideration, standing you in good stead to become a safe and conscientious practitioner. After receiving an attunement it is sometimes customary to attempt a 21 day cleansing period to ensure a strong connection to the Reiki energy. 

As a guideline the degrees for go reiki! courses are as follows:

1st Degree:  An introduction and explanation of Reiki, history, hand positions for treatment, how to treat oneself and others. This course taken alone usually involves one-three days, depending on whether the student is working towards becoming a professional practitioner.                                              £160 - £290

2nd Degree:  More in-depth theory and an introduction to three Reiki symbols which traditionally can be used to enhance Reiki in strength and direction and to enable the practitioner to send Reiki at a distance. This course usually spans one-three days, again depending on the student's personal requirements.  This level is usual to become a professional practitioner alongside other professional requirements.  £200 - £350

3rd Degree/Master:  Initiation into Reiki Mastery, you will be introduced to another of the Western Reiki symbols and taught how to use this and conduct yourself in your new life as a 'Reiki Master'.  This degree must be taken very seriously and can take anything from one day to a year to achieve, working closely with your Reiki Master Teacher while they assess your accomplishments in Reiki practise.                            £500

Reiki Master Teacher:  This is not a degree in itself and so can be taken alongside 3rd Degree/Master or alone.  It enables you as a Master to teach and to attune others into Reiki.  When Reiki Mastery teaching first began in the western world, it was taken so seriously that the fee was set at $10,000 or the equivalent price of a house!   Contact Kellie here to talk about your advancements in your practise.   £POA

You can learn all the degrees from the same teacher or from as many teachers as you like, receiving as many attunements as you like as long as the teacher/school allows.  If seeking to gain higher degrees from different teachers, you will usually need to provide your proof of achievement of the preliminary degrees such as a certificate or testimonial

Now that Reiki is more widely accepted throughout the therapy world, it's wise to choose your teacher well!  Not all schools of Reiki are acknowledged by governing bodies or accepted for professional insurance.  go reiki! courses adhere to UK Reiki Federation guidelines and so qualify to gain insurance to practise professionally if so required.

Reiki 1st Degree is usually sufficient for anyone simply wanting to enhance their life, for personal development and the treatment of friends and family, without any further study needed. 

The 21-day Reiki Cleansing

After receiving an attunement it is customary within western-style Reiki to attempt a 21-day period of 'cleansing', preparing ones body and mind to enter a new life in the 'energetic' world and ensuring a strong connection to the Reiki energy. It also honors the days of fasting and meditation undertook by Reiki's founder, Mikao Usui Sensei, which enabled him to re-discovered this natural force of nature. During this time you may be asked to attempt some dietary and lifestyle changes, and to practise Reiki on yourself every day. Many people find this a profound experience and gain huge personal insight and inspiration that is carried with them for the rest of their lives.

Some also use this time as an opportunity to 'detox' from unhealthy lifestyle or to make or break habits such as starting a healthier eating regime or giving up smoking/drinking/negative thought pathways through a widely believed concept that 21 days continuous practice of anything is ideal to develop or rid yourself of habits, in a process called Self-Directed Neuroplasticity.  

So this is a fantastic opportunity to set yourself new goals!  At the end of the cleansing many find that that they continue to stay following their new habits effortlessly but those that wish to return to  their normal lifestyle patterns find the transition poses no problem at all, or they can choose a happy, healthy balance between the two!

"We are a couple in our late 50's running a very busy, creative, people oriented business. We eat superfood (mostly), exercise daily, and maybe drink a touch more than recommended daily limit! We also now have Reiki in our toolbox, it's a very real tool for real people; effortless, calming, energising... the list does go on! The attunement weekend was, although serious in intent, a cool, fun time. Informative without lecture, our Reiki Master seemed to 'get' what we wanted. We now have friends waiting to join in on the next attunement weekend and we are encouraging our now grown up children to experience Reiki."

Matthew and Sharon Wyman, 1st Degree Reiki