go reiki!

Reiki is for everybody!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is probably best known as a complementary therapy in the form of a relaxing hands-on healing treatment.  A  Reiki Practitioner helps you to connect to your own natural ability to relax, de-stressing body and mind thus promoting healing to aid physical, mental or emotional ailments.  

Reiki can be taken up as a non-religious meditation-based practise for any age or ability (think of an even less strenuous Tai Chi or Yoga!) which invites health, happiness and well-being into your life, by helping to support good mental health and a balanced lifestyle.  

But is Reiki for You?

Reiki as a therapy is a gentle and totally safe technique that is relaxing and beneficial for both the recipient and the practitioner.  Taking up Reiki as a practise can benefit not only you but everyone and everything in your new naturally energetic life.  Continue your learning to levels of a qualified Reiki Practitioner and you too could find out what Confucius meant when he said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

Reiki as a treatment, lifestyle or career choice can enhance all beneficial aspects of life for anybody.

Sounds great, right?

That's because it is!  People all around the world are discovering the amazing benefits of Reiki. Find out for yourself by booking in for a Reiki treatment or ask Reiki Master Teacher Kellie Gilmour about becoming attuned to practise Reiki yourself - contacts - or browse through this website to find out more about this wonderful meditative practise and tapping into an abundance of natural energy.  

As the testimonials show, it could turn out be one of the best things that you ever do for yourself! 


"I had four sessions of Reiki with Kellie over a four week period. I didn't have any particular expectations, although I was going through a very stressful and almost desperate time in my life.

The overall experience was calming and enlightening I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and security during and after the sessions, as if all of my troubles that had been weighing me down for so long, were being held up off my shoulders. 

As each session came and went the feeling of wellbeing got stronger and I had a sense of being more comfortable in my own skin. It may sound a bit silly but like I'd 'come home'.  I became more and more interested in how Reiki worked and asked numerous questions about the origins and process - these questions were answered in a language I could understand ie. no jargon or gobbledegook! 

Looking back now, I truly believe that the sessions of Reiki set me back on track. They allowed me to see myself as the strong woman I've always been, who I'd just lost touch with in the "stressful madness" that is modern day life"

Lou Chamberlain

" I can't recommend 'go reiki!' highly enough. It should be on everybody's 'things to do today' list"


"I was having problems sleeping and being able to relax, I felt disconnected from myself and my life, I had no direction and felt that life lacked purpose.  Having Reiki seemed to switch a light on in my head, I started to feel better about myself after the first treatment and it just got better and better, I feel positive rather than negative all the time.  I want to learn more about it and am looking forward to having an attunement to carry this feeling onwards and upwards!"  T Furey  


"I had two sessions of Reiki before I received my first attunement, I knew nothing about Reiki before my first session.  I'm a self-employed male in my mid-thirties and lead a fairly active life. I was in a very nice place during my Reiki treatment, my joints felt warm and strong when usually they feel tight and painful. I felt like I had had a very deep sleep.  

I am generally positive about life but I do tend to let issues build up beneath the surface. A relationship with a family member was one of these issues. Nothing really bad ever happened between myself and my relative, but there was a communication barrier that was very strong, something I knew could be better and it bothered me quite a lot from time to time. I was asked in my first session what I would like to change in my life and this relationship issue jumped to the surface. To be perfectly honest I didn't expect anything to change after the session. Whether this was because it had been the same for all my life, and something I thought would never change, or because I didn't really believe in Reiki (or both), I'm not sure. But at the start of the second session (a few weeks later) when asked how the issue had been since my last session and I honestly hadn't even thought about it. My relationship with this family member was easing, or had eased, either way it didn't bother me any more, after that I decided to receive my first attunement. 

Thanks to Reiki, and my Reiki Master Kellie Gilmour, I now feel like I have a new dimension to my life where I am able to channel energy effortlessly in my life. It is a subtle difference but very noticeable. For an example, I am sure I haven't had an argument with anybody since my attunement!"   D Rhodes